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Need info to remove illegal content from Google? Click HERE

Want to Report Copyright Infringement happening on FaceBook click HERE

resource discussing this topic found by our friend and fellow #STAMP 'er Lisa Tagaloa

Lets Use the #STAMP hashtag and raise piracy awareness

Fair Pay To Play on FaceBook an intiative started by Ed Hale

Speaking of things all artists should get behind and support start using the hashtag #irespectmusic and check out the website.  initiative by Blake Morgan

Want to report a website you feel is pirating music?  Click Here

Check out  this blog The Trichordist a great site about artists for an ethical and sustainable internet. 


 The First is:

The Indie Guide to Music Copyright and Publishing

Please read and take action to understand the process to get paid as an artist

The second is just a cornucopia of great resources that is a MUST read for all artists we feel that Marianne Has put together

Music education

Great Interview with Ed Hale on what every artist should know about PRO's and SoundExchange