See This Through

See This Through is more than just a name to the modern rock quartet from South Bend, IN.  “It’s about never stopping,” says guitarist and lead vocalist Nick Blohm, “it’s about going after something that you never thought you could accomplish.”

It’s this mentality that brought Chad Ellsworth (lead guitarist) and Nick together in 2014 in what would become See This Through.  “Ever since I heard [Nick’s] solo stuff, I was captivated by each and every song I heard him play,” explains Chad, “I said to myself, ‘I wish I was up there playing music with this guy.’  And now, a couple of years later, here we are.”  After a few months of working and writing material, Steve Howell stepped in on drums, followed by Tyler Curran on bass guitar, to complete the lineup.

Within a year of playing together, the group set out to record its debut EP.  After months of writing, rehearsing, and pre-production, they hit the studio in early 2016 to produce “On My Own”.  Combining meaningful lyrics with powerful vocals, thick guitars and driving percussion, “On My Own” embodies the notion of moving forward and never giving up.  This theme echoes throughout their songs as they touch on subjects of inadequacy, self-actualization, and redemption.

The year 2016 will prove to be an exciting challenge for See This Through.  With their long-term sights set upon the national market, they’re making it a point to take on the Midwest, city by city.  As to their thoughts on what the future holds for them, Nick sums it up by stating, “With our work ethic, I can’t say exactly where we’re going to be… but I can tell you we’re going to like where we’re at.”


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