Meet Merrin


Going back to the early days of Rocker's Dive Radio, we found these friends from New Zealand.  Having been guests on our show and getting to know them over the years has been a rare pleasure. This Four Piece is best described as follows;

MERRIN is where soul and rock collide.


With an edge defined by a distinctive guitar sound, soulful vocals and a rhythm section that creates the very heartbeat of this band, Merrin is a musical experience.


The band’s founders Karl Wootton (Guitar) and Charlie Phillips (Vocals) are joined by bassist Lisa Tagaloa and drummer Richard Maxwell Jnr.

Whilst Merrin has played support to iconic acts I Am Giant and American band Everclear, as well as performing to big crowds at various events throughout their home town of Wellington, New Zealand, the name is starting to be whispered overseas.

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