Jewels has had an immense love and appreciation for music since she was a small child. Rock music became the center of her musical passion during her “tween” years, and she also participated in band and chorus during her high school years. College was the beginning of her radio/music journalism experience, djing for ECU's campus radio station, WZMB 91.3. During these years, Jewels started her own YouTube channel, a central location for posting her videos of band interviews, which she still moderates to this day. Since then she has included update vlogs, travel vlogs, and live music performances. During the summer of 2015, Jewels adopted the title “Jewels the Rock Hobbyt” after interviewing Juliet Simms at Warped Tour. The title comes from her deep love for both rock music and Lord of the Rings.
As of the beginning of 2016, Jewels joined Rocker's Dive Radio, and she thoroughly enjoys being a part of the RDR family. As a proud supporter of local music, she believes it is a most excellent way of meeting new people, introducing indie bands and learning about others, as well as conducting interviews, in person and on-air, to give independent musicians the recognition they deserve.