Frank Zappa Vault Opens for Two New Releases in July

Frank Zappa‘s vaults will reopen in July for a pair of new releases,

"Frank Zappa for President" and -"The Crux of the Biscuit"

Both scheduled to arrive July 15, the new titles explore different sides of Zappa’s many-faceted musical personality. “Frank Zappa for President? You betcha! We know at various times he wanted to run for office,” reads a label press release. “In the spirit of the dramatic 2016 presidential election adventures comes a release that gives us a glimpse into what could have been. This album is comprised of unreleased compositions realized on the Synclavier, along with other relevant tracks mined from the Vault, with a political thread tying it all together. Don’t forget to register and vote!”
The Crux of the Biscuit, meanwhile, was put together to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Zappa’s Apostrophe album in 2014. “As part of Zappa Records’ ongoing Frank Zappa Project/Object Audio Documentary Series,” notes the press release, “it contains rare alternate mixes, live performances, and studio session outtakes.”

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