Today in History, June 12th

2006, Prince received a Webby Lifetime Achievement Award

 In recognition of his visionary use of the Internet to distribute music and connect with audiences, music legend Prince will be honored at The 10th Annual Webby Awards on June 12th in New York City, the International Academy of the Digital Arts and Sciences announced.


The first major artist to release an entire album – 1997’s Crystal Ball – exclusively on the Web, Prince’s leadership online has transformed the entertainment industry and reshaped the relationship between artist and fan. Long before MySpace and iTunes, Prince used the Web in new ways to distribute music, premiere videos, and build his relationship with his fans. His groundbreaking web site, NPG Music Club ( boasts more than seven full-length CDs of music that are unavailable anywhere else.

“Besides being a musical genius, Prince is a visionary who recognized early on that the web would completely change how we experience music,” said Tiffany Shlain, founder of The Webby Awards. “For more than a decade, he has tapped the power of the Web to forge a deeper connection with his fans and push the boundaries of technology and art.”