Today in Rock History, June 15th

June 15th 1977, The Sex Pistols held a party on a boat as it sailed down The River Thames in London. The Pistols performed 'Anarchy In The UK' outside The Houses Of Parliament resulting in members from the party being arrested when the boat docked later that day.

Begins very restrained – too too vous êtes, but come Rotherhithe, some booze and more food, and everyone gets mellow, if such a thing is possible. I mean it's a nice evening (albeit a bit chilly) and there's space all around instead of tower blocks, so why be surprised?

The disparate crowd mixes surprisingly well – the only jarring note in fact is the refusal of the bar to serve doubles … never know what these notorious punk rockers might get up to. Downstream aways, we turn as a banner is unfurled along the length of the boat – red on yellow, it proclaims proudly "Queen Elizabeth: the new single by the Sex Pistols, God Save The Queen", or something similar, really low profile....... 

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