Flea Talks 'Crazy' Snowboarding Spill, RHCP's New Direction

Flea can't pinpoint the exact moment he knew the Red Hot Chili Peppers needed to take a different direction on their new album, The Getaway, out June 17th, but he vividly recalls the feeling. "I felt like we we were starting to do the same thing we've always done," the bassist tells Rolling Stone.

"I could kind of feel it on the last record [2011's I'm With You.] I knew what we were gonna do or how we were gonna do it before we even did it."

He decided it was time for a big change: Rick Rubin, who had produced every RHCP album back to 1991's Blood Sugar Sex Magik, would sit this one out. In his place they brought in Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton, who radically switched up their working methods. We spoke with Flea about the band's creative breakthrough, his devastating snowboarding accident that significantly delayed the recording, their ongoing tour and what the future might hold for Atoms for Peace.


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