Beth Hart brought her demons in Bucharest and exorcised them on the stage

Before being an artist, Beth Hart is a woman. She is an experienced woman, who lived intensely and fought with the life’s difficulties who hit her right in her heart. Even today she still fights with them; crying often while she sings on stage, in front of thousands of people, proves this.

She cried also in Bucharest, she missed some lyrics and she interrupted a song just to play another one. But most of all she was honest, she was her, she pulled her heart and she put it on a tray, she was close to the public and she was into the public, among chairs, reaching all the hands that were headed toward her. And the public loved her. Intensely. I saw huge men furtively wiping tears when she was playing her songs; I saw women empathizing to the life stories she was telling with an overflowing naturalness; I saw children singing her songs and I saw old people holding their hands. Right there, at the Palace Hall, which is a huge hall with a sad history but with an extraordinary surround, everybody enjoyed music and living together with the one who, for the second time, came in Bucharest to speak to Romanian people about love, suffering, hate, forgiveness, passion and strenght to go on.

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