Over the Border - CIMA

(Monday, April 18, 2016 – Toronto): The Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) has released a report that illustrates the opportunities and challenges that exist for Canadian musicians seeking to play shows and do business in the United States. The report calls for fairness and reciprocity when it comes to US immigration and tax policies as they relate to Canadian artists.

Over the Border and into the Clubs: Canada’s Music Industry and the US Market quantifies the risks, costs and difficulties that impact Canadian artists who seek to promote their music in the United States.

The Canadian market is small and Canadian companies believe it is important to access American audiences.
Canadians want to expand and invest south of the border but face obstacles, despite existing trade agreements.
Over 60% of Canadian firms said the time and money they spend on border-related processes is burdensome.
Work permits can be hard to obtain, and excessive taxation of revenue can create major cash flow difficulties.
This is especially difficult for small companies, who make up a majority of the Canadian music industry.
Music is a global export, meaning that greater labour mobility is conducive to a healthier, vibrant music industry.