Catching Up With Blind Fret

Hello Rockers Dive Crew Worldwide !

Where to begin again ? From the end to the new beginning I do suppose…?
Last year 2015 was a pivotal changing year for Blind Fret. All started with the drummer moving to France to basically retire and live abroad. Then replacement drummers to fill in the spot left open. Finally found one that fit. We were getting back up to speed. Then the Bass player of 11 years with many battles with illness finally lost his fight and passed way.
In my heart I knew this day was coming so I started building a studio that I would be able to work in and still continue to play, write and record. 
Many asked when all of this came about if this was the end ?  Blind Fret has always been basically Raphael Slagg, writing and pushing forward to create and record.
I decided that I would go on an Adventure !
I wanted to push myself as an artist writing, recording and playing all you hear. To try to the  best of my knowledge to keep my music alive.
I was hoping to have my latest effort out by the end of June 2016. Yet, as the summer months roll around with Family vacations and Family visits to the Music Hut..well, we all know how that goes !
The New Album “Hear Alone” I hope to have done by the month of September 2016.
There are still 2 songs left to track/record. Then the Mastering and Printing process begins in earnest. 
Paul Rigney from Genuine Crude is Co-Producing my insanity, hearing what I don’t hear along the way.  
The new album will be released as:
Blind Fret - Hear Alone

Yes, it is a Solo effort by yours truly Raphael Slagg. I am just not ready to give up the name Blind Fret .. 
You can hear select tunes from the new album on Rockers Dive and also a few are available to listen and buy plus social media contacts at:  

I hope that you will enjoy this new effort.
An old record company saying:
(Once you drop the needle you will stay until the last note on the last song). 
I do hope that I will create this feeling with this new album.
Jess Uribe stated that my work as a writer is Prolific.
I hope this new work will live up to that in honor to his statement !
Thank You
Raphael Slagg aka Blind Fret