Chevelle Debuts 'Rivers' From 'Really Heavy' New Album 'The North Corridor':

Chevelle frontman Pete Loeffler had no doubt about where he wanted to take the band on their new album, The North Corridor, once he started writing songs during Feb. 2016. And it wasn't hard to get the buy-in of older brother and drummer Sam Loeffler and bassist/brother-in-law Dean Bernardini.


"I had a really good grasp on what I wanted it to sound like," Loeffler tells Billboard about The North Corridor, which comes out July 8 and includes the track "Rivers," which is debuting exclusively below. "I talked with the guys and said, 'I really want to make a really heavy record this time around, go back to our [2002's] Wonder What's Next roots a little bit. And it's what we like to play live, so it just made sense. Sam and Dean love heavy music as well; Sam likes a lot of hardcore, screamo stuff, so he was happy with that. They basically let me go and agreed that heavy was a good way to go."

Chevelle will be doing just that throughout the summer, mixing its own shows with a tour with Bush that begins July 23. The group currently has shows announced into October, and dates for a fall run with fellow Chicagoans Disturbed are set to be announced soon. "It's been years since we toured with those guys," Loeffler notes, "and they're from Chicago as well so we've known them for years. We see eye to eye on a lot of different things and David Draiman has been a friend over the years that I could call and ask about various tough questions, and he's actually done the same with me, called and asked my advice on things. You find friends where you find them and they've been a good band for us to tour with before, so we're gonna give it another shot and see how it goes."

Check out the band's tour dates on their site and pre-order The North Corridor here.