Buckcherry's Josh Todd: New Rock Is 'Not Fun Anymore'

Speaking about the state of rock music in 2016, Todd said: "Sometimes I listen to rock radio and I'm, like, 'God, all this is so depressing,' and there's no more guitar heroes, and there's not a lot of great, charismatic frontmen where all they do is sing and perform."

I just think that rock is really muddy and kind of forgettable, and it's not fun anymore. And I think that needs to change."  He continued: "The great thing about rock back in the day was you could put on an AC/DC record and it's timeless. You can listen to 'Back In Black' now and it's as great as it was twenty years ago, and it's because you can dance to it, you can screw to it, you can party to it, and that's what was fun about rock."  (RockersDive DJ Bob concurs 100%!)