Butcher Babies' Heidi Shepherd: 'We've Created Our Own Path'

Heidi Shepherd of Butcher Babies was asked what advice she has for female rockers trying to break into the music industry, Heidi said: "Just do it. The thing is, so many people will try and tell you no.

"I worked in a male-dominated industry [before]; I was a radio DJ for seven years. You know how it is… male-dominated. It's very difficult to kind of push your way through that. And I found it's the same way in the metal and rock community as well. And people will try and tell you, 'No.' 'No, no, no. You shouldn't do this.' No. Screw that! You should do that. You do whatever you want to do, and you go in there and you make some noise. And that's what's important — to make some noise. Do something different. Do something exciting. I mean, there are so many bands nowadays ripping each other off. It's, like, the cookie-cutter way of doing music."


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