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A few moments with...

Cupla from Vancouver, BC, Canada

Can you introduce the band and what your favorite thing about being CUPLA?
My name is Bill McAloney and I play drums , and I love everything about being in Cupla :-)
The other band members include ...
Bobby McAloney- Guitar
Tricia McAloney - Lead Vocals
Kevin Hall - Bass
Andrew Venning - Guitar

How long have you all been playing together collectively? How did you form? Why did you pick your band name?
Cupla started off as just Bobby and I .  Cupla means " A couple of " or " two of " in Irish Gaelic so it fit very well. We've been playing with this line up for around a year and a half now which is when Kevin joined the band.

Being an Indie artist do you ever find it hard to be "Indie" or is it a perk?
There is nothing easy about the music industry whether you're Indie or otherwise.

What made you decide your genre's?
We've never really thought about what genre we are or we play, it just comes out like that with all our influences , we collectively write our music.

Do you think that online presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about?
Online presence is very important, it's a very powerful way to reach out to more than just your hometown without even leaving.

Tell me about your latest song ? Releasing any more songs in the future?
Our newest single "BomB" is out now with a couple of more songs coming out very soon to make up our EP! We will most likely be releasing 5 to as many as even 10 songs this year !

When promoting your band and music, what is your favorite way?
Through social media is obviously a must and one of our favorites , but we pretty much talk about Cupla to everyone :-)

Do you have any funny stories about going on stage, does anyone have stagefright even after a year together?
Every time we're together something funny or stupid happens!  I think it's more excitement now but you never lose that feeling no matter how many times you play live!

When you are under pressure, how do you pull together as a team? What ways of coping with stress do you have? Any water balloon fights?
Well Bobby and I deal with a lot of the behind the scenes stuff for Cupla and being twin brothers well we have our way ;-) but as a band we rarely ever stress out about anything and see eye to eye on pretty much everything.

If you could go on tour and be an opening act for anyone, who would it be?
Oh man there's so many , Jack White being one , Big Sugar Is another , there's just so many !!!!

Would you like to say a few words to your fans and supporters?
We'd like to thank everyone who's stuck with us through thick and thin , 2014 is looking to really be the bands best yet with lots of new music ! Without our fans and supporters we'd be nothing , and that's the truth !!!!


Photos by Roxanne Low Photography

Collaborating Music with...
~ Jamie, MarshallStackz, Bill, Duro ~


Four talented Musicians in their own right, got togeher to work on a project, what was produced, will amaze you.  Sit back and read this lovely mini interview.. With Duro, Stackz, Jamie and Bill (from Cupla).

How did it come about?  Who started the thought process that brought it to the others? Was there a Theme? 
Idea to make some collaboration hm.., yes I always liked to do that. First I met MarshallStakz on Twitter we didn't speak much about that just shared same interest in music. Then for some own projects I asked my twitter friends about some drummer that I need so they suggested me Bill McAloney from Cupla band and he agreed to help. Marshall spoke about James Fulkerson and his music, I checked out Jamie's Soundcloud so seemed that something can be done :)  During that time I wrote lyrics "Foolishness 'n Ignorance"
I sent to them and they liked it haha. Had a Skype conversation with everyone to see how we can do that song and finally we started. First I sent to James intro guitar to try to sing the song on his way and he did it, he sung the way he felt and I loved it (still loving). James played guitars and sang, also he used some drum loop rhythm before Bill did his job.

Stackz: Duro and I were in discussions of collaboration. We tossed back some ideas and thought it would be cool to work on a project together. Not really much "thought process". Duro and I started working with a few chords and "ideas" we had been working on at the time. I didn't really consider this song to have a "theme" basis. I was just interested in working in a project that could be rather unique opposed to what I was working on at the time. 
Jamie: I met Stackz, about a year ago, through Soundcloud. We chatted back and forth and introduced me to Duro via twitter, who in turn introduced me to Bill. Duro contacted me with an intro idea and lyrics, which got the ball rolling.
Duro asked me if is be interested in playing drums for a song and I said sure and that's how I met Marshall and Jamie.

What was it like working collectively with thousands of miles between the four of you?  Do you foresee working together again?  Or are you already?  Care to share?
That was a new experience to me to work with musicians I never met in real. We had skype conversation, even with me in Europe and they are from North America (USA and Canada) time zones different lol my morning for them it's evening. However I enjoyed to work, with Marshall had every weekend skype meeting, hours of Skype video chat, it was amazin' like we were together, we shared files by e mails etc.
Stackz: With technology working efficiently, location has no boundaries in my opinion. Yes when you are dealing with people on the other side of the world things can be difficult as far as time and miscommunication. I do not think these issues really played much of a role. Duro was the only European member and he speaks several different languages to my knowledge so our communication was rather simple. Jamie and Bill both speak fluent english so I knew the communication would not be an issue there. In most cases time would be an issue. This doesn't matter if the person is right next to you or 6 000 miles away. We all have day jobs but it appears most of the tracking process got done over night. If we had any days off at work , this project was a very high priority. Yes I would love to work with them again. They are professional and open minded. I don't really like to discuss too much of projects I am working on until they are complete. I hate waiting for a track or cd to come out from a band I like, to be left with that disappointment when they announce its release got pushed back.
Jamie: It was interesting working this way, and very different from a “band” viewpoint. For me, Duro was the only one I actually spoke to about the piece, we would talk at lease once a week about things that needed to be tweaked here and there. On the musical side, and which was interesting....Stackz and I didn’t text, email, or discuss things like; what key is the song in, what chords were in the song, or the chord progressions. We would just lay down tracks, send them to the other to listen to and play to, then we’d mix parts together. If memory serves me right, we had the track roughed in with a drum sample. That version, and a version without drums was sent to Bill. Once again, I don’t know if we had discussed tempo with Bill. We just sent him the track and said “Here ya go buddy, jump in”. It says a lot about Stackz and Bill’s musicianship, with the little communication we had, they both hit a home-run with their playing. Who knows what the future may hold, hopefully we have more music to come.
It was a learning curve for sure but after a few days it was easy ! I'm always game to collab with peeps !

With the thousands of miles between you.. and exchanging music back and forth, did you find it was difficult?
With anything there are difficulties. We were not together to "collaborate" ideas. If something was needed to be changed you had to rely on an email or a Skype call not knowing if you could catch them at the right moment. I only had contact with Duro. So any changes I needed done I would give him a list and the same would go with anyone else. Then it was back to the drawing board. We had to rely on listening back to sections of songs via mp3 so it didn't matter how great the mix was you couldn't hear it. We transferred large files through the drop box but it seems if you don't tell the person something there they cant see it. Im not sure how that works though.
Jamie: It was a learning experience for me. I hadn't tried anything like this before, and didn’t really know just how easy the internet could be with sharing files. Once I got the hang of uploading, downloading, importing and exporting, it became quite easy.
At first it was , after we figured things out it went pretty easily.

What part of the collaboration did you each play? 
"Foolishness 'n Ignorance" as I said before I wrote lyrics and played intro and outro guitar, James played guitars + voice, Marshall played lead guitar (killer) and Bill did drums (true not real kit but he did great kick ass rhythm).
Stackz: I played some rhythm guitar parts.
Jamie: I came up with the verse and chorus riffs, bass line and tried my best to give Duro what he was looking for vocally.
I played and wrote the drums.

From the proposed Idea, to agreeing on what each person was going to do, how long did it take for the finished product to hit the airwaves?
Stackz: There wasn't really a "proposed idea" Duro and I were sending music back and fourth to each other to listen to. My Ipad went crazy one day with him contacting people about this. I noticed there was a tweet in particular about an online drummer and I'm reading these tweets thinking to myself he is forming a band ??? At this point I still never talked to Bill. I knew of the band he was in CUPLA. I listened to them on sound cloud alot. It always ran through my head, this is like Black Sabbath cloned band with a chick singer! Killer combo to me. I  Then I got tweet a week or so later, of you gotta hear this guitar player from Duro. Something along those lines. I asked him who and he tells me its Jamie and im just thinking at this point ok Ive known Jamie almost a yr. So it wasn't a big shock to me. He sounded classically trained technique arpeggios etc phenomenal player.  We commented on each others sound cloud pages, but I could hear our backgrounds were very close musically. I was totally on board with the idea and just really wanted to have a good time not be so constrained to any rules and keep it artistic. I never talked to those guys until months later. We met on Rockersdive Dive Hive after I was a new Dj on the station. CUPLA introduced their new single on the show and we got to talk to Bill about the band and what was going on with them. I don't know total time of the production it was months. 
Jamie: I think it took a month or so, from initial idea to finished product.
Can't remember to be honest , maybe a month.

Were you pleased with the finished Product?
Final mix I did, not so happy about sound but all in all must say we did great job as first time we worked together and conditions we had.
Stackz: Yes. I am very pleased. Proud of this project. Artistically, I think it is not complete but most artists would tell you the same with their music!
Jamie: I am very pleased with the outcome. There are some quality issues, but for what we did...what we had to do it with....and the small amount of time it took to put it together, I very proud if the end result. And....I'm quite proud of my 3 cohorts for giving their time to make it happen.
Yes I was very pleased !

What's Next for you all.. working on anything together, individually?
For some future work I'm not ready yet, need more free time and my home studio must be better need some new gear etc...
Stackz: I'm always trying to keep myself busy. I have a few things I am working on right now in my collaborations. I also joined Agony In The Garden early this January 2014 and we are in additional writing stage for the next record! I am also a DJ on RockersDiveRadio since I think late September? I love the gig! Its a great time and get to talk to real cool people and enjoy killer music. The more submissions we get and more listeners we have we can All Rock The Planet Together as one happy musical family! 
Jamie: I intend to check myself into rehab soon, not that there’s anything wrong with me, but I find it interesting to talk to people who are more screwed up than I am. I’ve been working on this and that, here and there........yes, there is more to come.

Bill: I'm currently working on lots of new Cupla tunes producing and mixing them as well as producing a track or two from other artists !

You can find these Amazing Four Men on Twitter:

and at their JMBD Twitter Account @JMBDprojects
~ Live at the Dive ~
Rocker's Dive is happy to announce that we will again take you to the show with us.... if you can't make it to Gussy's , just hang in the chat,
use the bar in your own home for refreshments!.....
it's the next best thing to being there   :)

If you were listening on January 18th, 2014,  you know that Rocker's Dive Broadcasted live for the very first time.

Hi Gang O' Mine
Just back in from Atlantic City PMC event we broadcast, I want to Give my thanks to all of the Rocker's Dive Team! When i say that i mean ALL of you , all the great and loyal fans of what we are doing on Rocker's Dive Radio! We are NOTHING without the support of YOU ALL, The listeners , the artists, the awesome DJs at the Dive, the GREAT team we have formed to ROCK THIS PLANET with great music! I had a blast and I hope taking your "there" with the Live broadcast was as much fun for you as it was for me. Love Peace and GREAT MUSIC ,
Love to you all!
~ Jess
Happy Birthday To Our Wonderful Friends!!!

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