Hi Everyone!!! 
Music is something almost all humans share as a common bond.  You write it, play it, listen to it, or like me, share it.  I have been with Rocker’s Dive for 5 years as part of the promotional side of the station.  I have the pleasure of finding new bands, reaching out to them, and introducing them to Rocker’s Dive Radio. In doing so, introducing musicians to other musicians who maybe on the other side of the globe from one another, watching them form friendships then creating something magical together.  Something so personal that might not otherwise have happened, if they hadn’t found the station. 
Music has been a part of me from the word go.  I grew up listening to country and bluegrass, as I got older, I started expanding my taste to that of Metal and Rock.  Once I found RDR, it was a huge eye opener for me, with all the vast music that isn’t considered mainstream but that is as great if not better than what you hear on a terrestrial station.  We are so fortunate to be able to find bands like this in every genre, and listen.